Everything you need to know to have a comfortable, stress-free hostel stay

In my experience pre-hostel stay, hostels pretty much had two distinct stereotypes surrounding their quality and the experience you’ll have during your stay: one glorifying them, saying the dirt cheap prices and the worldly people you’ll meet will create an unmatched, incredible, life-changing stay that will give you endless stories all of your friends willContinue reading “Everything you need to know to have a comfortable, stress-free hostel stay”

The honest truth of navigating life abroad.

Today was my last Monday living in Copenhagen. Yesterday completed my final weekend. It didn’t quite go as I’d hoped, as many friends are leaving early to ensure they’re able to get home for the holidays now that we’re required to have a negative test to enter the U.S. Instead of spending it doing everythingContinue reading “The honest truth of navigating life abroad.”

Turning winter gloom into Christmas joy

Maybe it’s because I spent a week in warm Italy, maybe it’s because the season really is changing, but I’ve noticed a significant change in the weather this past week here in Copenhagen. As it goes with a fall-to-winter season change in any climate, the chill tends to creep up on you until before youContinue reading “Turning winter gloom into Christmas joy”

Finding community in a new world – a mid-semester reflection

Everyone has always told me studying abroad forces you to get to know yourself, to get comfortable being alone. I knew this was going to be true in some capacity, but truly, I thought I knew myself pretty well. I’ve always thought and told people I love to be alone- I love going out toContinue reading “Finding community in a new world – a mid-semester reflection”

Sex, Burlesque & Red Lights

We just finished up travel week for my core course class, Prostitution and the Sex Trade in Europe, where we spent six days together in Amsterdam learning first hand about pretty much any form of sex work you can think of. From a live sex show, to exploring the infamous red light district, to meetingContinue reading “Sex, Burlesque & Red Lights”

The industry of secrets

No matter how hard we try to educate ourselves, view things from a different perspective, and challenge what we’ve been taught our whole lives, it’s difficult to not stereotype- especially with something as taboo as sex work. I’ve always considered myself someone who has a relatively open mind, and yet when my professor told usContinue reading “The industry of secrets”

A week in Spain and a relaxing weekend back home in Copenhagen

We’re officially halfway done with our semester here in Copenhagen- and along with it come midterm papers and tests, and a week long break from classes last week that many DIS students used as their travel week. I took the week to travel Spain with a girl from my floor and had a wonderful, relaxingContinue reading “A week in Spain and a relaxing weekend back home in Copenhagen”

Aarhus, Møns Klint, and Copenhagen moments

I’m just over a month into my semester here in Denmark, and I have certainly been keeping busy! Aarhus A few weeks ago, we had core course week, where we spent the week studying, traveling and bonding with our core course classes at DIS. My core class is titled Prostitution and the Sex Trade inContinue reading “Aarhus, Møns Klint, and Copenhagen moments”

One month in: things I’ve learned & things I wish I’d known sooner

Before my arrival to Denmark, it really felt like all I did was read every single nook and cranny of the DIS Copenhagen page, research what to bring, and plan what my life was going to be like. Truthfully? That was almost completely all a waste of time. I still felt clueless upon arrival, andContinue reading “One month in: things I’ve learned & things I wish I’d known sooner”