The industry of secrets

No matter how hard we try to educate ourselves, view things from a different perspective, and challenge what we’ve been taught our whole lives, it’s difficult to not stereotype- especially with something as taboo as sex work. I’ve always considered myself someone who has a relatively open mind, and yet when my professor told usContinue reading “The industry of secrets”

Weekend in Paris!

I can’t think of any opening line to accurately describe how amazing this past weekend was. When I booked my ticket for this trip, the price was relatively cheap. I had plans to maybe go with some friends, but was okay going alone if they decided they didn’t end up wanting to go. I bookedContinue reading “Weekend in Paris!”

Big fun in London!

I’ve never been to Europe before, so one thing I knew I wanted to budget while saving up for this semester was some travel to as many places as I could get to. Due to my less than outstanding saving skills and the realization that I’m never going to make it everywhere I want toContinue reading “Big fun in London!”


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